Michaela’s Map: Zimbabwe, Up Close and Personal

Posted on February 23, 2015 by MichaelaSGuzy

here Written, Co-produced, Directed & Hosted by: Michaela Guzy; Co-produced by: Roger Wong; Shot by: Ryan Carpenter, Tom Varley Photography and Shaun McMinn Productions; Edited by: Kaitlyn Jackson; Mixed by: Sal Gallassio and Uri Djemal @ Madpan Productions; Animated Logo by: Ian Glaum; Music by: Premium Beat & Audio Jungle.

trusted tablets Off the radar of most safaris, Zimbabwe offers an abundance of wildlife and a warm and generous culture. Having shed it’s perception of political instability, this beautiful country has been a
model of conservation for the rest of Africa. Join me for an up close and personal adventure through wild Zimbabwe.

Special thanks to: African Bushcamps, 500km Rhino Walk, #RhinosWithoutBordersInternational Anti-Poaching Foundation, Crocodile Cage Diving, African Wonderer – Ian Hummer, and Wild Horizons.

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