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Way back when before buzz words like video, social influencers, giving back, community and mindfulness were a “thing”, Michaela Guzy served as the VP/Global Travel and Strategic Development at American Express Publishing. BUT in 2012, uninspired by the lack of in depth content that inspired her to get out and explore and the fact that she couldn’t go back to a trusted advertising partner one more time with an ad buy disguised as an integrated package, Michaela departed Corporate America, founded OhThePeopleYouMeet (OTPYM), an editorial content site for travelers, foodies and philanthropists seeking authentic local connection everywhere they journey and took off for sub-saharan Africa by herself for three and a half months to document and share interesting people doing inspiring things.

With Michaela at the helm, OTPYM has grown into a collaborative collective of over 90 contributors across the globe, and even powers the content for sites like She is the Executive Producer, Director, Lead Writer and On-Air Talent for two original editorial video series, Michaela’s Map and OhThePeopleYouMeet (an extended interview series), which can also be found on other sites ranging from Yahoo to The Daily Meal.

This fearless, self-made, female entrepreneur is a travel industry, publishing and new media expert with a social good agenda. In addition to setting OTPYM’s editorial strategy she runs OTPYM’s production arm and is often asked to appear as an industry expert from a three part talking head series for BravoTV’s Tour Group, curating conversations, moderating panels, conducting interactive workshops and giving inspiring keynote presentations for awesome industry partners such as International Luxury Travel Market, WeWork and Soho House’s IMPACT series. Read more about how to work with Michaela here.

Michaela originally hails from St. Louis, MO where she grew up with her parents and three biological sisters, their fake sister from Ecuador, no less than six rescue dogs and two chickens.

Storytelling Beyond Borders, Fearless Beyond Reason

Michaela Guzy, a former publishing exec who is fearless beyond reason, left her career behind to begin a journey that has since changed her life and touched others. OhThePeopleYouMeet speaks to the wanderlust in us all and ignites a passion for global connections and sustainable and immersive travel, which are shaping the tourism industry worldwide now more than ever.

OTPYM has had a long standing relationship with ILTM. In August 2016, Michaela curated and MC’ed the day long interactive and educational workshop. Watch the ILTM Bright Young Things sizzle we created for the event. Stay tuned for the trends forecast and video.

Michaela took the main stage in Cannes, France to facilitate their live voting forecast. In 2015, she MCed the Opening Forum for ILTM Africa which she also created the video content for resulting in three videos: ILTM Event Introduction and Transformative Travel Panel along with a recap following the event.

During ILTM Americas in 2014, she advised on travel 2014 travel trends, and was featured as an expert on ILTM TV Local Connections and Must See Destinations.

Michaela has worked with ILTM  on a number of projects ranging from curating, moderating and MC’ing their Bright Young Things workshops in 2011 (Cannes, France), 2012 (Cannes, France), and 2013 (New York, NY) with resulting white papers, hot topics, trends forecasts and video.

Michaela acts as the director, writer, executive producer and on-air talent of OTPYM’s original editorial original series: Michaela’s Map where she explores all the people that bring destinations to life. Whether she is meeting creators on the dusty desert floor of Burning Man, exploring a working farm by the celebrity chefs, The Three Blue Ducks in Byron Bay, Australia or meeting with wildlife conservationists on anti-poaching initiatives across Southern Africa, Michaela shares the stories of inspiring people, doing inspiring things.

And because there is no shortage of amazing people making a difference, Michaela started a second series aptly named, OhThePeopleYouMeet which is an extended interview format (no worries to those with short attention spans — still under 3 minutes) to spotlight one human, like AnnaLynne McCord who is using her celebrity to help bring awareness to help put an end human trafficking in Cambodia.


In May 2016, WeWork hosted a panel which Michaela curated entitled Millennial Mindset: Travel as a Lifestyle, Transformation and Community where OTPYM unveiled a video and produced a trends forecast.

In October 2016, Michaela also premiered Michaela’s Map: How to be a Responsible Traveler in Cambodia followed by a thoughtful conversation with leaders on the topic.


Michaela hosted a Soho House New York IMPACT Series event on United Nations Day 2016. She facilitated an inspiring and informative conversation with marine biologist and published book author Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols about the Blue Mindset. OTPYM also produced and premiered Blue Movement: Connecting People to our Oceans.


New York University’s Stern School of Hospitality had Michaela as a guest professor during the Fall 2016 semester. She was invited to share her story of departing corporate America and taking the entrepreneurial leap to start her own business as a solo female entrepreneur.

Michaela was featured as a travel and lifestyle expert on BravoTV‘s Tour Group Guide in 2016. Michaela, her insider tips and video content were shared in three episodes: Kenya, Morocco, and Thailand.

Travel Savvy TV featured Michaela, ranging from her round the world adventures to her own backyard in NYC. Check out: Michaela Guzy’s World Adventures and Michaela Guzy’s Top Unexpected NYC Experiences.

Learn more about Michaela, OhThePeopleYouMeet, our editorial work, marketing videos and more- all in this two pager.