Woofers takes his first Oceania Cruise

Posted on July 13, 2012 by MichaelaSGuzy


My vagabond lifestyle doesn’t really lead to having a “living” pet dog.  Which leaves me with option b) my stuffed dog affectionately named Woofers who I’ve slept with since I was born.  I’ll admit, it’s slightly creepy, but he’s really cute.

More bizarre is that my darling friend Mariana agreed to babysit him while I galavanted across Africa for three months.  Apparently while I was away, they really bonded.  Mariana even asked if she could bring him on her family vacation– an Oceania cruise around the Mediterranean.  While I am slightly envious of their new fond friendship, how could I deny my pup his first cruise?

Me telling Woofers he could go on the cruise.  He got really excited.  I am on the right, Woofers is center and Mariana on the left, Westside Highway, NYC.

Woofers has been shopping up a storm in preparation for his big trip which he leaves for this evening.  He even met a hat maker who custom created a purple fedora for his summer vacation.

Woofers shopping in Zoomies in the West Village, NYC.

Woofers trying on his new “I bone NY” hoodie at Zoomies, West Village, NYC.

Woofers rocking his new hoodie and leash on the Westside Highway, NYC. People loved it.

We brought Woofers to see a few cruise ships coming down the Hudson River to familiarize him pre-sail.

Woofers making friends on the Westside Highway, NYC. This woman even gave him a pat on the head. I think her dog was jealous of Woofer’s awesome new hoodie.

Woofers will be tweeting from the road: @woofers1 and will be posting pictures and his favorite spots around Europe here over the next couple weeks. Click here to view Woofer’s & Mariana’s itinerary.  Bon voyage and can’t wait to hear all about the interesting people you meet!

Bon voyage Woofers!  The new purple fedora looks so stylish.  Send me a tweet when you land in Paris!