Michaela’s Map: Burning Man

Posted on April 27, 2016 by MichaelaSGuzy

http://thematinggrounds.com/about-mating-grounds/ buy viagra without prescription usa Directed, co-written, produced and hosted by: Michaela S. Guzy, Co-written by: Skye Von, Shot by: Mike Tosner, Doc North, and Michaela Guzy, Aerial footage by: Phantom Aerial Productions, Archived Burning Man footage by: mrxray, Edited by: Kaitlyn Jackson, Mixed by: Novacaine Studio, Music by: Alex Cruz feat. Anna Renee & Melle Kuil- Haunting (Original Mix), DJ Scumfrog

https://markavery.info/home-2/about/ order cialis without prescription Out of an 1980’s San Francisco concept, today’s Burning Man abides by ten “radical” guiding principles. Many “burners” as they call themselves, return year after year to build up and burn down this make shift cultural phenomenon. We hope you enjoy the wonder through Michaela’s eyes as she experiences her first Burning Man.

It’s a ride of a lifetime to encounter first hand accounts from veteran burners, corporate executives and even a high school student. Witness beautiful human connection, behold the mecca of larger than life art, and experience the transformation that happens when 70,000 individuals come together for a week on the digitally disconnected playa.

Join Michaela on a new kind of journey–one that takes us across the desert plains of Nevada into a makeshift community that stands for one week alone: Burning Man.

And OhThePeopleYouMeet…

Special thanks to: Alex Cruz, Anna Trzebinski, Burning Man, DJ Scumfrog, Ideate, Michael Churton, Mike Tosner, Nikki Pepper and Stephanie Cirillo.