Holiday Wish List: 12 Gifts That Give Back

Posted on November 28, 2017 by Rafaela Laitamaki

non prescription generic viagra Begin this holiday season by spreading joy with a gift that gives back to people around the world. Each gift is inspired by our travels across the globe- we tried to choose 10, but there were just too many inspiring options. For the first time ever we are also bringing these gifts to life at our Gifts that Give Back party in NYC on December 12th. Space is limited- register now for a chance to win a free gift and start giving back!

Men’s Awl & Sundry shoes. Photo Credit: Awl & Sundry

1. Awl & Sundry

Awl and Sundry’s men shoes (495 USD). Awl & Sundry carefully crafts their shoes to perfectly fit your feet, and for every purchase you make they donate a pair of shoes to a student in Kenya. The donated shoes are made by a Kenyan shoemaker, and they are given to students who walk barefoot to school every day. At schools like Saparingo Primary School where 90% of the students do not own shoes, Awl & Sundry’s donations are changing lives. Help make a difference by purchasing a pair of Awl & Sundry shoes or attend our event for a chance to win a free pair.

Mulberry Mongoose employee working with snare wires collected by anti-poaching patrols. Photo Credit: Mulberry Mongoose

2. Mulberry Mongoose

Unisex snare bracelet (58 USD). This beautiful bracelet is handcrafted by a group of courageous Zambian women who are committed to supporting local conservation. The unisex snare bracelet combines snare wires that are collected by anti-poaching patrols with vintage Zambian coins to create jewelry that expresses the beauty and brutality of life in the Zambian bush. For every piece of jewelry purchased Mulberry Mongoose makes a donation to anti-poaching patrols that are removing snare wire traps and saving the area’s wildlife. One unisex snare bracelet will be given to a lucky winner at the Gifts that Give Back event, and from now until the end of December enjoy 20% off any online purchase by using the code Gifts That Give Back.

Geo Post Earrings crafted by Navajo Artist Eugene Gruber. Photo Credit: Bow & Arrow NYC

3. Bow & Arrow NYC

Geo Posts (125 USD). Bow & Arrow is a collaborative jewelry project that gives Native American artists from Navajo, Zuni, and other Southwestern tribes a platform to share their art. These edgy Geo Post earrings are handcrafted by Navajo artist Eugene Gruber who combines authentic Native American patterns with modern styles. Eugene uses traditional techniques he learned from his family to craft the Geo Posts, and he is one of the many talented Native American artists who create jewelry for the Bow & Arrow line. By purchasing jewelry from Bow & Arrow you are supporting these Native American artists, and you can enjoy 15% off your order from now until December 31st with the code “OTPYM15” while you are at it!

Alter Eco Chocolate Box for this holiday season. Photo Credit: Alter Eco

4. Alter Eco

Chocolate Box includes 3 new bars, the Truffle Medley Box, and 5 Single Mint Truffles (70 USD). Alter Eco chocolate is crafted from some of the world’s rarest single origin Ecuadorian cocoa, but the incredible taste of their chocolate is only half of their story. All of their products are organic and non-GMO foods that are created by small-scale farmers who implement Fair Trade practices. Alter Eco is also protecting our environment by working towards 100% compostable packaging and negative carbon emissions. Every Alter Eco chocolate truffle is making our planet a better place, so why not embrace your sweet tooth this holiday season? Order these delicious chocolates online or attend our Gifts that Give Back event for a chance to win the Alter Eco Chocolate Box.

Women’s Holiday 4-Pack Gift Box. Photo Credit: Bombas

5. Bombas

Women’s Holiday 4-Pack Gift Box (65 USD), Men’s Holiday 4-Pack Gift Box (65 USD), and Muhammad Ali x Bombas Collector’s Box (75 USD). Bombas socks are expertly engineered with a honeycomb structure that gives you a new level of comfort and performance. This holiday season you can cuddle by the fire knowing that for every pair of socks you purchase, Bombas will donate a pair to a homeless person in the United States. Why socks? Socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters, and the socks Bombas donates are specifically engineered for homeless people. We will be giving away a few pairs of the Holiday socks online and you can win a pair of the Muhammad Ali socks at our Gifts that Give Back event– don’t let your feet down.

Underprivileged students enjoying their new STATE backpacks. Photo Credit: STATE


Franklin Duffel (155 USD). This cotton canvas duffel bag is perfect for your next weekend trip, but there is more to this bag than meets the eye. Scot and Jacq, the founders of STATE, created this Benefit Corporation after watching countless impoverished kids carry their belongings in trash bags. For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack filled with essential items for a child in need- but it does not end there. STATE’s team of “PackMen” and “PackWomen” drop off bags at schools and lead motivational rallies that inspire underprivileged kids. By purchasing the Franklin Duffel, you are providing a child in America with the tools and inspiration they need for success.

Handcrafted SAN-DAL made using ancient techniques. Photo Credit: Nanofasa

7. Nanofasa

SAN-DAL. Nanofasa works to support the Ju/’Hoan San community- a traditional hunter-gatherer group in Namibia that is struggling to survive. After being forced to leave their original land, the San people fell into extreme poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy. Today, Nanofasa is empowering the San people and helping restore their culture through the SAN-DAL project. These exclusive SAN-DALs are modeled after traditional hunting sandals that were worn by the ancestors of the San community. The traditional skills needed to make these sandals were almost lost, but the SAN-DAL project is reviving this ancient craft by teaching the San people ancient sandal making techniques. Only 1,500 SAN-DALs can be made every year, but you can help restore this tradition by entering to win a pair of SAN-DALs online.

Sudara employee enjoying her work and her freedom. Photo Credit: Sudara

8. Sudara

Ela Robe (79 USD). Look elegant in this floral pattern robe while also giving women in India the opportunity to live in freedom. Sudara is a certified Benefit Corporation that provides jobs, education, and skill training for women who are survivors or at a high risk of human trafficking. Sudara is paving a path to freedom for women in India by giving them the resources and hope they need for a better life. Help Sudara continue to combat sex-slavery by purchasing their products, and attend our event for a chance to win this exquisite Ela Robe.

Organic Cotton Bikini. Photo Credit: THINX


Cotton Bikini (32 USD). THINX is changing the way women live with their periods while also changing the world. THINX underwear absorbs liquid from a woman’s period so that she does not need to use panty liners- but THINX is not just revolutionizing the menstrual cycle. THINX  donates a portion of its funds to AFRIpads- an organization in Uganda that provides job opportunities for women and creates reusable sanitary cloths for schoolgirls in nearby areas. THINX also created a foundation that implements educational programs like the Global Girls Club where prominent members of local communities teach young women about human rights and reproductive health. You can change the way you live with your period while also changing the lives of people around the world by purchasing a pair of THINX underwear.

Beaded Collar Drop Statement Necklace handmade using crochet beading technique. Photo Credit: Inzuki

10. Inzuki Designs

Beaded Collar Drop Statement Necklace (38 USD). Inzuki is a contemporary Rwandan brand that blends traditional craftsmanship with modern styles to make hand-made jewelry, accessories, and interior decor. All products are made in collaboration with local artisans and local materials which stimulates the Rwandan economy. Inzuki is at the forefront of the growing innovation scene in Rwanda, and their Beaded Collar Drop Statement Necklace will be given away to one lucky winner at our Gifts that Give Back event.

Altiplano Alpaca Scarf made of silky, durable Alpaca wool. Photo Credit: Nau

11. Nau

Nazca Alpaca Hat (45 USD) and Altiplano Alpaca Scarf (95 USD) both in Caviar Heather.  Take on the cold weather this holiday season with the luxurious Alpaca yarn hat and scarf. Alpaca yarn is a hypoallergenic fiber that is sourced from small family farms in Peru where Alpaca are treated justly and given enough space to graze. Nau is committed to sourcing sustainable fabrics like Alpaca yarn, and they donate 2% of every sale to their Partners for Change. Nau’s donations support organizations like Mercy Corps and Conservation Alliance which are creating positive change for the global economy, environment, and people around the world. We will be giving away the Nazca Alpaca hat and the Altiplano Alpaca Scarf at our Gifts that Give Back event so that you can make a difference and stay warm this holiday season.

PFAP bracelet from Batey Girls. Photo courtesy of Batey Girls.

12. Batey Girls

Purpose Bracelet Set (36 USD). The Batey Rehab Project was established by the nonprofit organization to provide economic opportunities for women and girls at risk of sex trafficking and domestic violence in the Dominican Republic. The program was inspired by the true story of a nonprofit founder who witnessed parents selling their teenage daughters for sex, in order to feed their family. This program was created by the women and girls of Batey Milton providing an opportunity to begin new lives and break free from the cycle of poverty. When you sport their jewelry brand that you can be proud, knowing that you are part of a mission to empower women and girls both internationally and here in the USA. We will be giving away a set of the bracelets at our event this season.