A Week in Thailand: My Trip from Bangkok to Krabi

Posted on August 22, 2019 by Maryn Mcdonnell

Thailand is an adrenaline-packed and adventurous destination. Spending a week in this place is guaranteed to be one of the epic adventures, jaw-dropping, and most memorable in my entire life. Complete with unbelievable delicious cuisine, incredibly welcoming hospitality, and postcard-perfect beaches. There is a reason why this place is nicknamed ‘the Land of Smiles.’

So, where do I start? What I did was to divide Thailand into two main parts, Northern and Southern. Northern Thailand is famous for its abundance of elephant sanctuaries and temples, and lush green mountains that are usually covered with rainforest. Chiang Rai, Pai, and Chiang Mai are the most known regions in this part. The southern part is well-known for its colorful longboats, island-hopping, and recognizable turquoise water beaches.

Of course, I wanted to do all that but it wouldn’t be feasible in a week. So, I had to pick southern Thailand.

cheap sildenafil citrate online Day 1 – Arrive in Bangkok

Bangkok usually is the first stop of most travelers arriving in Thailand, and most international flights land there.

My adventure started in Bangkok, and I really hope you fall in love with it as much as I did. At first glance, the city seemed a bit chaotic and busy, but it is also colorful, vibrant, and stimulating. I could see the glass half-full, and somehow, the town made me feel alive.

After the long-haul flight, I was jet-lagged, and so I kept my first day low-key. I had some energy left and decided to visit Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant. This place offered the best first-night meal in the city.

‘Exquisite meals from around the globe. The food, environment, music, and service were too good. I can’t forget to mention their excellent rooftop too.’

http://www.carrieryan.com/faq/ buy viagra without prescription Where I Stayed in Bangkok

Since I was battling a bit of jetlag and I needed to stay at a comfy place. There are so many places to stay in Bangkok. I chose to spend the night in Isanook. The area was very quiet, great breakfast, and swimming pool.

generic viagra usa Day 2 in Bangkok – Temples

I got a great first night of sleep, and I honestly had lots of energy to explore.

In Bangkok, there are many temples even to attempt to list. However, I had limited time, and so I only visited two – Wat Arun and Wat Pho. The good thing is that the two temples are close to each other. In fact, I just took a taxi from the hotel to Wat Pho, and walked a bit, used a ferry to cross the river to get to Wat Arun.

Day 3 in Bangkok – Markets

I visited Damnoen Saduak and tried some of that tasty city food. It is the biggest and most popular floating market there.

Bangkok ended up to be one of the most amazing and fascinating places I have ever visited. Filled with buzzing markets, stunning temples, unbelievably tasty street food, and smiling locals. Bangkok is truly the best introduction to the Land of Smiles, Thailand. It is a massive city that I could visit for months, and still not explore everything it has to offer.

Day 4 – Arriving in Ao Nang

After spending three days in Bangkok, I headed to Ao Nang. I wanted to spend my last couple of days in Krabi and enjoy its laid-back vibe and beautiful nature. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort – Krabi Ao Nang Beach. The place had an incredible swim-up bar, free-form pools, waterslides, and amazing Nopparat Thara beach.

Day 5 – Island Hopping

The main reason I decided to visit Krabi is island hopping. Now that I was alone, I preferred a private tour as I did not want to deal with crowds. I wanted to stick to longboats because they have that traditional Thai vibe I wanted, but the disadvantage with them is that they are slow. I, therefore, used speedboats as well. I really enjoyed the Phi Phi Island – I used a longboat, which took me around 2-3 hours. A speed boat could have taken me only 45 minutes to get there.

Day 6 – The Hong Islands Hopping Tour

This was my best day trip ever, and I was so glad that I checked it out. I used a speedboat to go to James Bond & Hong Island, and it was fun. These islands are rife with sea caves, coral reefs, and secluded beaches to explore.

Although Krabi is such a vibrant and exciting city, I quickly got tired. It is crowded and busy not forgetting the city hustle vibe. The few days were just right to spend there for me.

The Bottom Line

In Thailand, there is something for each type of outdoor enthusiast. In my opinion, it is best to figure out the area that provides the kind of vacation you would want and then spend most of your time there.

About the Author:

As a life of a digital nomad and years of writing experience, Maryn Mcdonnell is a travel writer who loves exploring the world and shares her travel experiences with other passionate travelers out there. Find Maryn on Twitter @MarynMcdonnell