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    Ashley Castle NYC since 2010

    With a degree in Tourism Sciences and 10+ years of experience in sales & marketing, Ashley is originally from Texas and made her way to NYC in 2010, following a short stint in Maui, Hawaii. Though she didn’t have an upbringing of traveling, her curiosity about the world got the best of her and in college, she set off on a life-changing backpacking trip through 9 European countries.  Since then, she’s traveled extensively throughout India, Australia, South and Central America and different parts of Asia. Ashley is a Travel & Lifestyle writer & blogger, photographer and videographer/host, focusing on adventure, luxury and experiential travel, and wellness travel. Ashley produces content on Travel With Castle, as an AFAR Ambassador, Trip Films and has a strong presence on various social media channels, and has also been a brand spokesperson for brands like Wyndham and Mutual of Omaha.