Michaela’s Map: Raising Awareness of Rhino Poaching

Posted on March 16, 2015 by MichaelaSGuzy

Directed, Written, Co-Produced & Hosted by: Michaela Guzy; Co-Produced by: Roger Wong; Shot by: Shaun McMinn- African-eye, Ryan Carpenter; and Tom Varley; Edited by: Kaitlyn Jackson; Mixed by: Novacaine Studio; Animated Logo by: Ian Glaum; Music by: Premium Beat.

Join Michaela Guzy, founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet as she journeys across Africa to research why one of the oldest creatures on the planet faces extinction.

Watch to learn 5 IMPORTANT THINGS you need to know about the business of rhino poaching- a multi-billion dollar industry.

A special thank you to: African Bush Camps, www.African-Eye.net (Shaun McMinn), #RhinosWithoutBoarders, International Anti-Poaching Foundation, African Wanderer (Ian Hummer), Varley Photography (Tom), Novacaine Studio (Aaron Jaffe) and please check out: www.500kmRhinoWalk.org to see how you can help Sam continue to spread his peaceful message across Africa.

For more information on rhino poaching, read Rhino Poaching: 5 Things You Need to Know now.